Шаблоны для аутрича

Разгребал сегодня почту, и смотрю что количество писем от аутричеров, которые что-то где-то хотят проставить, настойчиво растет. Перед вами один из наиболее удачных, на мой взгляд, шаблонов. Для чего ни могут пригодится? Например, для рассылки по своей тематической базе. Все же ссылочное добытое таким образом обходится и дешевле и более естественно, чем при закупке с PBN сеток.

Все письма взяты из почты, т.е. люди по ним работают уже сегодня (и судя по URL’ам в футерах и цифрам трафа — достаточно успешно). Как вариант, так же можно выгрузить из ahrefs список тех, у кого проставились конкуренты и попытаться закупиться/договориться на тех же площадках, но это не точно. Если вы где-то когда-то хотели купить ссылки напрямую, но не знали как спросить, то вот это оно. Имена и адреса сайтов  заменяю/вставляю в кавычках.


Hi ,

My name is <John> and I am reaching out on behalf of <Company Name>. We’ve been following your <Site Name> blog for a while! We read most of your posts and loved the one on <Topic>. We noticed that it has been a while since anyone wrote anything similar. We work in the <Product Category> industry; other blog owners and influencers tend to reach out to us to write on these subjects due to our expertise in the industry.

To cut to the chase, we would love to contribute content to your site and we think we can be a valuable contributor!

Please let me know if you are interested, I will send you a couple suggestions to choose from, which I feel would cater to your readers interests.

Thanks for your time and we hope to hear back from you soon.

On Behalf of <Company Name>



Hope you’re doing well! I was just reading through your blog and saw that you offer some great insight and advice to your readers in a few blogs. My name is <John> and I write content and articles for <Company Name>. They’re looking to reach out and produce some articles on similar topics for various blogs as a way to introduce themselves into authoritative communities like yours.

Do you consider guest contributions? I can provide some sample articles that we have contributed to other blogs around the web if you’d like to take a look. Let me know if you have any questions or comments; I would love to discuss this further with you!

Thanks for your time,


И через пару дне он же, догоняет вопросом:


I reached out last week, but haven’t heard back. My name is <John>, and I write content for <Company Name>. I understand things get lost in transition and wanted to follow up to see if there was an opportunity to contribute to your blog. I’d love to discuss further with you.

See my initial email below.

Thanks again for your time,



Hi there,

I was looking for reliable personal injury blogs/resources when I caught this post <Post Title>. My name is <John> and I’m reaching out on behalf of <Company Name>, a firm that specializes in <Company Specialisation>.

I’m reaching out to see if <Site Name> accepts guest contributions? I’m currently at work on a post that I think would be a great fit for <Site Name> and one that your audience would find interesting.

Please let me know if you’re interested so we can discuss further.


Четвертый. Сразу к деньгам за ссылку

Hey there,

My name is <John> and I am the owner of <Site Name>, which is a passion project of mine for all things <Niche> related!
I recently came across your website, which I love, and I was wondering if you could add a link to our site from yours?
Hopefully we can agree on an amount of money that makes it worthwhile for you to take a few minutes to add one more link.
Have a great day and let me know your thoughts.



Пятый. Просьба продвинуть их FBA-товар

На заметку выпускникам SalesHub и похожих курсов, вместо того что бы сливать бюджеты в поиск.

Dear <Site Name>,

This is <John>. We are a team which focus on selling high quality <Niche> accessories on Amazon. I have been visiting <URL>.com for a while and I have found your article is highly professional and helpful.

I am wondering if we have the hounour to cooperate with you. It will be appreciated if you could make reviews or news for us to publish our deals or offers on your site. We will send a free sample to you for exchange for the review or get listed in your site.

Here is the detail: <Amazon-URL>

Marketing Manager

Шестой. Так же продвижение товарки

Dear <Owner Name>,

My name is <John> and I’m a business development executive at <Company Name>.

I came across your <URL> where you reviewed our product among some other brands and I wanted to let you know that I like your style and attention to details.

I also found some inaccuracies in the article, for example, the image that you used is of an old model that is not being sold anymore.

I understand that you are doing affiliate marketing (Amazon associates) and I believe that there is a room for cooperation. I believe that if you could have our product and review it for real or even making an unboxing video or just using our marketing material we could achieve better performances.

If you are open to discussing that, please let me know!

Best Wishes,
<Company Name>

Буду по мере поступления добавлять в пост интересные экземпляры.

PS: Небольшой апдейт Амазон-Black, добавлено ТЗ для заказа информационных How-to статей.

Сообщение Шаблоны для аутрича появились сначала на AmazonSales.


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